Fayetteville Wants You

Q & A - General



1. If I'm looking for a quiet coffee shop where I could sit down and work in peace, where would I go?

There are several great options; Griffin’s Coffee Shop in Haymount is a good one. Village Coffee House is another. It has a lot of space, a couple “living” areas with couches and coffee tables. It’s quiet and roomy and you can even reserve a section if necessary. Of course, there’s also Barnes and Noble.

2. Are there any gyms in town geared solely toward women?

 There’s a Curves, as well as For Women Only, located in Tallywood Shopping Center.

3. Can you recommend some country clubs in the area?

Sure. King's Grant, Highland and Gates Four are good ones, and, of course, there's always Pinehurst.

4. Is there a local calendar of events?

Up & Coming and Weekender are good magazines to look at, and there are a few sites: www.gofayetteville.com