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I’m not a military spouse, but upon moving here, I immediately knew there was something special about this community. It was evident how much neighbors looked after each other – there was a  friendliness and camraderie I didn’t see other places I lived.   I moved here from Long Island, where people didn’t even acknowledge each other on the street to here where in the pre-cell phone days, if you broke down on the side of the road, immediately a bunch of people pulled over to help you. Or, if there was a kid lost at the mall, people were willing and ready to help.

The longer I’ve been here, and as I’ve had kids and gotten more involved in the community, I’ve seen more of this special spirit. Here are just a few examples:

This spring, my then 10 year old played in the All County Orchestra at the Crown Expo Center. Literally, 700 5th and 6th graders from around the country were on the floor of the Crown Arena to play. (yes it was slightly chaos, AND when they all play together it doesn’t sound bad.)   There are at least 5000 family members crowded around the floor. (more CHAOS). During the presentation the emcee asked everyone who is currently serving, had served in the past or was a military spouse to stand. About 1/4 of the Crowd stood. Then they thanked them for their service and asked the crowd for a round of applause. The hoots and claps went on and on and on and ON.  Then the emcee asked the crowd to quiet down and the kids played God Bless America. That was a special ‘hair stand up on back of your neck’ moment. Brought me goosebumps and made me so proud to be here.  This doesn’t happen everywhere.

At each of my kids’ school award ceremonies, the school principal always recognizes the famlies and the kids of deployed soldiers.    It especially meaningful to me that they ask the kids to stand. And I know from some of my kids friends that it means a lot to the kids.  (I live in Hope Mills about 25 minutes from Fort Bragg.) 

You hear about special programs all the time.  I’m a HUGE fan of the Hope Mills YMCA. My family is involved with a bunch of programs through the YMCA. They recongized that many of the members’ had a deployed spouse, and these families, generally had young children. One of the part time employees coordianted a FREE parents night out for people with a deployed spouse. The kids can be left there for four hours, for the moms or dads to have a few hours to themselves. I had two young kids with no family nearby (mine are 17 months apart) -and with my husband here it was tough.  I think its great that Y staffers are volunteering to provide this service for Hope Mills families.

Another cool thing happened recently; and the Fayetteville Chamber had a big hand coordinating the effort. Local builders provided a home for the military spouse of the year. This is a very special mom with a very sick little girl that needed a better place to live so her daughter could remain healthy.  The mom volunteers for all these programs to help other kids!!  (I don’t know how she finds the time!)  A special, special family. Instead of recappng it, i’ll let you read it here:,spouse  Please read it, its a great story! Or you can watch the story here:

I really believe this is a special place to live; and a great place for families. Dont hesitate to contact me if I can answer any of your questions!!

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4th of July in Hope Mills

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I went to Hope Mills for their 4th of July Celebration.  If you like the small town feeling, this is the place to be.

We started out the day with a parade.  Granted this is not the biggest parade I had ever seen but it definitely was the loudest and most patriotic.  The kids just had a blast watching all of the Fire Engines come by and blasting their horns. There were John Deere tractors all dressed up for the 4th, the Roller Rogue Girls skated by giving out candy.  It just gave me chills along with a warm down home feeling.

Later in the day everyone went to the municpal park for music, games, food and a whole day of festive activities. The food was great. Everywhere you looked people were having fun.

Later in the evening, everyone convened at Hope Mills Lake for an awesome fireworks display.  The colors reflecting off of the lake were just gorgeous.  Everyone really had a blast.  As I sat by the lake, I felt a great sense of pride to know that I am in America’s Hometown celebrating the 4th and it came to me why Cumberland County is called America’s Hometown. That’s just what we are.  It’s not something we try to do, it’s just something we are.  Next year come and join us!!


4th of July Celebration on Bragg

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There is nothing better than celebrating The 4th of July on post, in a very “happening” military town! I spent my first 4th of July here in Fayetteville, and was surprised at the number of things to do at the celebration on Ft. Bragg.

I volunteered for the Army’s Army during the day, passing out GI-Joe’s to the children of deployed and fallen soldiers. There were military affiliated booths all around the field, which provided helpful information and giveaway goodies for all!

You could take your picture with good ol’ Uncle Sam on stilts. Grab some burgers, hot dogs, cotton candy, pie and much more, to satisfy your fine American taste buds. Your kids could even get their face painted and jump on 4 different moon bounces!

We watched the Golden Knight’s paratroopers jump out of a plane and parachute down onto the field right before our eyes! There was also a live concert that began around 5pm and we had two famous performers sing and perform for us!

Before the big fireworks show, the field artillery fired off their cannons for our 50 wonderful states. And of course, the best part about the 4th of July is the fireworks!! This particular fireworks show really blew me away! It was one of the best shows I’ve seen, and I’m from Washington, DC where I’ve seen the Washington Monument fireworks before! The finale was amazing and was a great memory to share with my boyfriend before he deploys in August for a year.

I was extremely pleased with the entire event and can easily say, “I had a “banging” good time!