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Stedman, Eastover and Wade

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Its been quite a while since my last blog about the municipalities of Cumberland County. Back in April, I decided it would be interesting to research and write short pieces about each of the municipalities in Cumberland County. In my research, I’ve found that each of our municipalities has its own assets – and I’m happy to share them here.

 The town of Stedman was settled in 1841 when John Culbreth Blocker built a stagecoach house and post office on land that he had purchased. The town was incorporated in 1917. 

Today, the 1.4-square mile town has a population of 664. It is named for Civil War Major Charles Manly Stedman. Stedman was raised in Fayetteville; and served in the Civil War as a private in the Fayetteville Independent Light Infantry during the Civil War. Stedman was the Lt. Governor of North Carolina from 1885 to 1889 and served in the US House of Representatives from 1910 to 1930. He was the last Civil War veteran to serve in the US Congress and is interred at Cross Creek Cemetery in Fayetteville.

If you are visiting Stedman, consider stopping at the Stedman Soda Shop  for breakfast or lunch. Great food and great atmosphere! If you are into trains and historical stations, be sure to check out the Stedman Library, which is housed in a circa 1890 Cape Fear & Yadkin Valley train depot.In season,

Stedman offers a number of farms for fresh produce

 1. Bullard Farms – watermelons, 2280 Stedman Cedar Creek Road, Stedman, NC 28391. Phone: 910-303-3795. July 8th thru August 15th

 2. Bunce Brothers Farm, Inc – strawberries, restrooms, handicapped accessible. 6267 Blake Road, Stedman, NC 28391-8656. Phone: (910) 483-500. Open: Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm; Saturday from 8 am to 12 pm. Also, the following prepicked vegetables are available in season: pumpkins,  greens, tomatoes, watermelons, and cantaloupes.

 3. Stedman Blueberries – Blueberries,  5991 Sidney Bullard Road, Stedman, NC 28391. Phone: (910) 531-3110. Open: Monday to Friday 6 am to 6 pm. June 20 thru July 30  


Cumberland County’s youngest town, Eastover, was incorporated in 2007. The 4.1 square mile town has 1,376 residents.  However, Eastover Township was formed by the North Carolina General Assembly in 1865.

In my research, I found that Eastover has some interesting historical tidbits about the schools in its community.In 1919, Eastover opened the first accredited high school in Cumberland County. Shortly thereafter, the Eastover school district extended the school term from 6 to 8 months. The school was considered one of the best in the county.

Eastover’s hallmark special event, Eastover Heritage Day – celebrates the heritage of this tight-knit community.   The day starts with a parade, and it seems the entire community is their either watching or in the parade. Afterwards at the Eastover ballpark, festivities have included hamburgers, hot dogs, funnel cakes, ice cream, a bake sale, crafts, farm exhibits, a car show and raffles, as well as children’s activities. Musical. Proceeds, according to organizers, provide recreational opportunities for all ages in the Eastover community. The special event is sponsored by the Eastover Civic Club.


Wade, a 1.3-square mile town of 486 residents, was settled around the Wilmington & Weldon Railroad and named for NG Wade. Mr. Wade was a local business man who sold crossties to the railroad. Wade was originally chartered in 1869, but that charter was abandoned. The town was again charted on March 8, 1913.

Wade was originally 1 square mile. In 1990, tracts of land were annexed, taking the town to its current size. 

One of the region’s oldest churches and cemeteries, Old Bluff Church, is located in Wade. Organized in 1758, Old Bluff Presbyterian Church is one of oldest Presbyterian churches in Cumberland County. This church along with Long Street Presbyterian and Barbecue Presbyterian Churches provided the Scottish population of the Upper Cape Fear Valley with longtime formal congregations. The adjacent cemetery is one of the oldest in the county. Many early Scottish settler and merchant families are buried there: including Colonel Alexander McAllister (a leading county patriot in the American Revolution), Farquhard Campbell and David Marshall (Carbine) Williams (invented the semi-automatic M1 Carbine rifle used in World War II). The present Greek Revival structure was built in 1858. Additionally, Old Bluff Church is one of the community’s significant Civil War sites. Confederate troops gathered on the grounds prior to the Battle of Averasboro.  

Explore further

If you are interested in learning more about  the history of Cumberland County , I encourage you to visit one or more of our Cultural Heritage Trails. The trails are grouped into themes – such as Scottish or African American History, Architecture, Civil War  and Military History. You can chose one trail and explore the theme that is of interest to you.   Either download the trail’s .pdf (which provides turn by turn directions) or stop by the Visitor Center at 245 Person Street to pick up a Cultural Heritage Trails guide, and you are on your way.  Additionally Each tour offers an audio historical narrative that you can download and listen to prior or during your visit.

If you are looking for a fun, engaging, family friendly way to explore our history, consider Trail Trek, our geocaching trail. 10 sites throughout the community have caches “treasures.” You find the sites and the caches using GPS coordinates and clues we have provided.   It’s a high-tech scavenger hunt that is educational and FUN. Enjoy!

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Dock’s at the Capitol

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This past weekend, my family and I went to Dock’s at the Capitol, and we had a great time. There were dozens of games the kids could choose from. The games included billiards, shuffleboards, a golf simulator, darts, bowling, and assorted video games. The nice part was that you could choose to purchase a game card with any amount on it. This worked out very well for the kids and me. Once I purchased these they were on their way!
There were also several different dining areas to choose from. This was great and made it made it relaxing for the adults to be able to sit down, grab a bite, and take it all in. The kids, of course, were too busy to stop for a even a second. They were way too excited about all the different activities.
If you visit Dock’s be to sure to stop by the prize center, on your way out so you can trade in your winnings for prizes. That was a big hit with the kids!
Dock’s at the Capitol is located right in the heart of downtown Fayetteville on Hay Street.

Pottery downtown Fay!

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If you want to enjoy a day with your kids at a special place, you really should consider Greg’s Art Pottery and Gifts. It is a great place to spend a summer afternoon. Especially, if you need to get out of the heat.  I took my kids there and they got to paint their own pottery and had a blast doing it.
A friend told me about this place a few weeks ago. It sounded like a perfect crafty, creative way to spend a few hours with the kids.
Not only did the kids enjoy this, but I got to visit the kid in me all over again!
I would encourage anyone in the area to go! It’s fabulous for all ages. Not to mention great gift ideas!
You can find Greg’s located on Maxwell St. behind the Arts Council downtown Fayetteville.
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Operation Celebrate Freedom-a night to remember

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My experience at Fort Bragg this past Sunday on the 4th of July was outstanding! When I got there I watched the 82nd Division Band perform classic All-American songs, acapella. They are truly something you shouldn’t miss! Next, I watched the Golden Knights parachute onto the Parade Field. They almost looked like little birds in the sky when they first jumped out of the plane, and as they got closer to the ground, they opened their yellow parachutes and the kids went wild!
There were plenty of choices to eat dinner at the event and I had some delicious Southern-style BBQ. You can’t go wrong with pulled pork, fried chicken and coleslaw around here!
My favorite part of the evening was watching nationally-recognized musicians, Colt Ford and Chevelle perform!  I also had the pleasure of meeting Miss North Carolina, Adrienne Core and the bass guitarist for Chevelle.
Another rewarding event that took place was that Lt. General Helmick of the 82nd Airborne Corps, presented an Iron Mike award to The Army’s Army, for supporting military families in 2009. What a wonderful organization to be a part of!
To end the night, I watched the amazing fireworks display that really put the icing on the cake! I will definitely be back to celebrate our independence again next year!