Fayetteville Wants You

25 Reasons to Live Here

Ask a hundred different residents why they love Fayetteville/Cumberland County and you’re bound to get a hundred different reasons. We decided to go ahead with probing them, anyway, to give you just a taste of all the great things this community has to offer.


1- Steadfast support of military servicemen/women and their families

2- Multitude of recreational opportunities

3- Affordable/lower cost of living

4- Climate - You can play golf 12 months a year

5- Small town feel with conveniences of a larger city

6- There's always something happening - great events & things to do

7- People are generous and always go above and beyond to help someone in need

8- Easy access to other parts of the state - especially being within a couple hours to the beach and the mountains

9- This is a great place to retire

10- Knowing my friends and neighbors go out of their way to defend my rights

11- Incredible parks, wonderful green spaces, beautiful trees and flowers

12- People are down to earth and personable -  a friendly, neighborly spirit

13- Family-focused - There are tons of activities for kids and families

14- Traffic is tolerable compared to most similarly-sized cities

15- Holiday celebrations, like Glory Days, the annual Dickens event and Fourth of July on Fort Bragg

16- We are the most patriotic community in the world

17- The business possibilities that exist in such a growing market

18- Strong private-and-public school options

19- The community is poised for major economic growth within the next five years

20- Walkable, historic downtown with plenty of shops, restaurants and museums

21- The fourth Friday of each month is exciting and fun downtown to be able to meet friends, have a good meal, get some exercise and view some of the great art displayed in several of the local museums

22- Convenience of living here and working at Fort Bragg

23- We are very diverse, and have a wonderful opportunity to learn from one another

24- Hard working, ethical people, who are pleasure to live with and are tremendous assets to the community

25- Ft. Bragg has very good programs for local youth through schools, parks and recreation that allow them to become involved in constructive activities.