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What is the Army’s Army?

The Army's Army is the world's only volunteer organization of citizens and businesses who've pledged their moral, physical and spiritual support to those in the military. Specifically, we'll do everything we can to make soldiers and their families feel welcome, appreciated and safe in Fayetteville/Cumberland County.

We’re the world’s only volunteer organization of citizens and businesses who’ve pledged their moral, physical and spiritual support to those in the military. With the Army’s Army, we’re formally creating a group with the sole intent of showing the world what a special place this is for the military while encouraging them to call Fayetteville/Cumberland County home. As a community of like-minded people, the majority of whom have served or know countless neighbors who have, we understand firsthand what is most important -- a place that military families can truly call home, with people just like them. This is nothing new – with programs like Family Readiness, Wounded Warrior and Military Task Force, we’ve long demonstrated our commitment to the military family.

Here in Fayetteville/Cumberland County, we don’t just say we support the troops – we live it. Formed and run by everyday people who call Cumberland County home, the Army’s Army is an organization of citizen and business volunteers assembled solely to make soldiers and their families’ feel like true VIP’s. In the military world where change is inevitable, we provide a welcome constant -- a community that has watched over you for generations. We help you find the right neighborhood, the right schools, the right dentist, the right church and everything needed to feel welcome here in Fayetteville/Cumberland County. Then we watch over your family when you’re not here.

We don’t just give lip service to the line “Support the troops,” we live it.


If you’re out in Fayetteville/Cumberland County, chances are you’ve bumped into someone from the Army’s Army. At events, in businesses, on the street - just look for <the Army’s Army emblem (link to logo and items with logo on it)> and you’ll know you’ve found someone committed to watching over you and your family.



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