Fayetteville Wants You
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Here you’ll discover why there’s no better place to live than Fayetteville/Cumberland County. If you’re a soldier, vet or family member of someone in the military, life is especially sweet here. For starters, we don’t just give lip service to “support the troops” – we live it. In fact, Fayetteville/Cumberland County is the world’s first Sanctuary for Soldiers. Through the Army’s Army we have hundreds of citizen and business volunteers who’ve taken an oath to make you and your family feel like the heroes you are. From free childcare to exclusive discounts on goods and services, we’re dedicated to watching over those who watch over us.

Military perks aside, Fayetteville/Cumberland County is just a great place to live. Period. From over 20 golf courses, to fishing and boating, to great restaurants, to museums and parks, to 750 miles of historical trails, there’s always something fun to see and do here. To find out firsthand why there’s no better place to live, just ask one of our residents in the interactive Q & A on the left.