Fayetteville Wants You


We’re a community that wouldn’t exist without the military, and in Fayetteville/Cumberland County, protecting our brothers and sisters in the Armed Forces always comes first. Whether it’s fighting crime or other problem-solving efforts, educating our constituents or implementing programs to enhance safety, everything we do is geared toward improving the quality of life for our citizens. Rest assured, when you’re on the front, we’ve got your back.

Want to know about specific security initiatives in place just for you, state laws you need to remember, or are just curious about crime stats or whom to call in an emergency? You don’t have to be here or even pick up the phone - Army’s Army volunteers are available one-on-one for you to find out what it’s really like to live in Fayetteville/Cumberland County. We’ll align you with just the right person to answer any questions you have about living in Fayetteville/Cumberland County. Not a private matter?

Feel free to join a public forum to interact with other like-minded people to find what you need.