Fayetteville Wants You


General Information on Economic Development

We've come a long way from the saw and gristmills of 1765. Today Fayetteville/Cumberland County is the economic growth center of Southeastern North Carolina, offering an unusually favorable combination of labor factors. We tout an occupationally balanced, highly productive work force, an ideal geographic position, and a nationally recognized technical education program for new industry training at Fayetteville Technical Community College.

Fayetteville/Cumberland County's outstanding workforce pool includes exiting military personnel who offer a number of advantages for employers. In addition to their education, specialized training and exposure to situations that make the toughest on-the-job task seem routine, military-experienced personnel have ingrained fundamentals such as loyalty, discipline, accountability and managerial skills.
Infrastructure and people make Fayetteville/Cumberland County one of the South's smart picks for industry. To find out more about what’s going on around town and in the county, check in with a volunteer from the Army’s Army, or visit our Chamber of Commerce.